Coastal Bay Beverage Company Caribbean Cocktails

We’re nearly there! Starting on the tropical beaches of Costa Rica with our feet in the sand we now find ourselves here in Fort Lauderdale with an TTB approved facility ready to start mixing premium rum and tropical juices for our Caribbean Cocktails!

We used to have to drag ourselves to a bar for a Pina Colada, a Tropical Punch or a Mango Splash. A major hassle from the beach as you can imagine dear reader! Why not just stay on the beach? But we looked around and didn’t see our waiter. In fact we didn’t see any waiters at all! Clearly a problem. And lugging bottles of rum and fruit juices wasn’t looking too good either! We’d have to wearily drag those same bottles back off the beach after a full day of beachery or suffer the shame of littering. Clearly another problem.

And it was then that we were determined to create Coastal Bay Caribbean Cocktails in easy to carry and dispose of packages. No more lugging! No clinking as all that stuff rattles around together in the cooler. No more broken glass and broken dreams! And solving our problem is solving your problem as you plan your next rum fueled adventure with Coastal Bay Caribbean Cocktails brought to you by the Coastal Bay Beverage Company!

We’re still on the beach here in Fort Lauderdale, but check back on the Rum Blog soon and we’ll tell you more about our Caribbean Cocktails, some new tropical concoctions our rum scientists are working on ’round the clock, and best of all the next time we’ll be on a beach near you for our free tastings!

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