Beach Party!

Technically, it’s a free tasting. But whenever Caribbean Cocktails are involved it’s a party! We’ll let you know where and when right here! Add us to your calendar and we’ll see you on the beach!

Hey, we are having a beach party at Vic’s Primo Pizza on Burnt Store Rd, Punta Gorda.  This Coastal Caribbean Cocktail tasting is on May 18th, from 6PM-8PM.

Join us for an opportunity to experience the “Real Taste of the Caribbean.”


And, we are having a 2nd beach party at Dr. Watson’s Liquor Store,  St. James City, on May 24th, from 4PM-7PM.  So mark your calendar or logs and come and enjoy some of the best Caribbean Cocktails anywhere around.  The Beach Party could start early or The Beach Party could run late, you just never know.  Dr. Watson’s is the best place on the island to get the “Real Taste of the Caribbean.”


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