The Texas Coast

Get ready San Antonio and Houston areas, we are just about finished setting rigging and securing our vast cargo of Coastal Bay Caribbean Cocktails. And we will be setting sail across the The Gulf of Mexico for the Shores of Texas. Cant wait it is going to be the “Real Taste of the Caribbean”!!!

Sailing the Florida Coast

A very exciting time, Coastal Beverage Company has been busy “sailing to ports” all over Florida. Beach Package Liquors Fort Lauderdale, Monks Liquors Fort Lauderdale, Ocean Wine and Spirits Fort Lauderdale. And Total Wine and More with “ports” around the state. So stop in any of these “ports” and get a refreshing Caribbean Cocktail today!!! Continue Reading


After several batches, and many many drink sessions we have finally done it.   Yes you guessed it we added another great drink to our collection the Mojito.  It wasn’t easy we wanted it to taste great and let me tell you it is a real thirst quencher, but please don’t forget it does have premium rum in it… Continue Reading

Getting Ready To Set Sail

We here at Coastal Bay Caribbean Beverage Company, have been working hard getting ready to set sail for Bermuda.  Making great recipes around the clock, Coastal Colada, Parrot Punch and of course Mango Splash. Were Closing the “hatches” and preparing to cast off.  “More to come” Continue Reading

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